Who are we?

Interweave Ventures seeks to be an investor in smart businesses who are poised to become game changers in their domains.

We are patient long term investors who invest in investors and entrepreneurs focused on spotting disruptive opportunities in a global marketplace. Empowering people with smart ideas underlines our passion and belief in entrepreneurship.

We invest both in funds and directly in entrepreneurial ventures.

While our fund investments are sector agnostic, our direct investments focus on the areas of Education and Healthcare where we feel we can bring life changing impact to the consumers and societies we touch. The basis of our investment thesis is empowering the right people, which we believe is the foundation of creating long lasting organizations.

Being conceptualized and backed by entrepreneurs with years of experience in successfully setting up and investing in entrepreneurial ventures, we have an intuitive understanding of market trends and are focused on bringing those learnings into our investment decisions.

What we Invest In?

We invest in companies that are outliners in using technology to solve real on-ground problems.

We invest both in the for-profit and social impact space and are looking for companies that bring change to the communities around them.

We invest in ventures that operate in scalable markets, have an initial proof of concept and a deep understanding of the marketplaces they operate in.

What is our Philosophy?

Our philosophy is to support entrepreneurs in building the next generation of businesses by harnessing visions to bring smart ideas to life. We invest behind investors and entrepreneurs that are in line with our philosophy and imbibe it in what they are working to create.

We believe that great investors add tremendous value to the right ventures by being the right investor partner that an entrepreneur needs and are focused on investing in technologies and solutions that would create the next generation of companies in an increasingly global marketplace of today. Companies that would be the market leaders of the new industries of today and tomorrow.

How to Contact Us?
If you are a fund or company that are in line with our investment philosophy please email us at info@interweave-ventures.com